Asylum Nyctophilia



Maduro, all the way through.

Presenting an all-maduro cigar from the maniacs who brought you the Ogre and Straight Jacket. Asylum was created by the duo Kevin Baxter and Tom Lazuka. The idea behind the project was to offer enthusiasts "refuge from reality," and this company is making some outstanding strides towards this concept. The duo from Asylum decided to enlist the help of industry legend, Christian Eiroa, the brains behind the ‘94' rated Camacho brand.

With Nyctophilia, Asylum is successfully bringing what few others have even attempted - a blend that uses maduro leaves for the filler, binder and wrapper. Full-flavored, almost to the point of too much, once Nyctophilia settles in it is a surprisingly balanced, thoroughly enjoyable cigar. While not necessarily complex, it certainly doesn't lack in heavy nuances of chocolate and fruit and the sweet, smokey essence of maduro goodness on every puff. With a long finish and inescapable aroma, you'll never forget the day you first tried Asylum Nyctophilia!  

Fifty (Robusto) (5.0"x50)
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