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Asylum LockJaw 7 Sampler


Go big or go home.

Christian Eiroa the creator of CLE and Asylum has put the phrase "bigger is better" to the test. With seven blends ranging in size from 70 to 80-ring, the LockJaw Sampler is a heavyweight collection packed with ample flavor. Each blend utilizes a majority of Nicaraguan tobaccos ensure a bold yet balanced cigar experience. Each sampler is packaged in a resealable fresh-pack so you can keep this big blends with you at all times.

The Asylum LockJaw 7 Sampler contains:
1 x Asylum 13 Eighty Corojo (7.0"x70)
1 x Asylum 13 Seventy Corojo (7.0"x70)
1 x Asylum 13 Eighty Maduro (6.0"x80)
1 x Asylum 13 Seventy Maduro (7.0"x70)
1 x Asylum 13 The Ogre Barber Pole (7.0"x70)
1 x Asylum Straight Jacket Double Toro (7.0"x70)
1 x Schizo Double Toro (7.0"x70)

Asylum LockJaw 7 Sampler
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