Arganese Habano



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Arganese is a unique brand. Truth be told, the brand originally was a private cigar made by Gene Arganese for his own personal use. Legend states he ended up handing out his cigars to friends and other fellow enthusiasts who took a liking to the cigar's creamy, smooth characteristics. Regardless of the story, Arganese cigars are now produced in full-force, and are available in a multitude of blends. These sticks are made for the mellow to medium-bodied connoisseur.

Cuban-seed fillers are expertly layered inside of a visually-appealing Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, and the finish has a hint of both sweetness and spice to awaken the palate. Well-constructed and now beautified with new packaging, Arganese Habano is impressive enough to hand out to all of your friends and acquaintances.

Churchill (7.0"x50)
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Robusto (5.0"x50)
Pack of 20In Stock$125.00
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Toro (6.0"x50)
Pack of 20In Stock$135.00
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Torpedo (6.7"x52)
Pack of 20In Stock$145.00
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