Alec Bradley The Lineage



A new family tradition...

Where you come from is just as important as where you're going. The Lineage from Alec Bradley was made to honor the sons of the company's founder, Alan Rubin, on reaching the important milestone of their 18th birthdays. This, of course, means they can now legally purchase and enjoy cigars in most of the U.S. The Lineage is an expansion to the 94-rated Family Blend Line.

The Lineage features a flavorful filler blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco leaves, which are layered inside of a Nicaraguan binder. On the outside, a premium Honduran wrapper beckons invitingly and sets the tone for the whole experience. Celebrate the family with this impressive, exciting blend.

665 (Gordo) (6.5"x65)
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770 (Gordo) (7.0"x70)
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Gordo (6.0"x60)
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Robusto (5.2"x52)
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Toro (6.0"x54)
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Torpedo (6.1"x52)
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