Alec Bradley American Sun Grown



Alec Bradley's version of American muscle.

Turning many heads in the industry, Alec Bradley cigars have earned '90'+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado, including the '94' rated, #5 Cigar of 2017, Tempus. Alan Rubin, the maker of Alec Bradley, spares no expense when creating these phenomenal cigars that are enjoyed among enthusiasts and aficionados alike. Never rushed, he patiently ages his tobaccos for years in order to achieve perfect balance and smooth characters no matter how strong or subtle his blends may be.

Alec Bradley's American Classic came as a bit of a surprise to the cigar industry and scored a well-deserved '91' rating. The Connecticut-wrapped blend was far stronger than most enthusiasts had expected and was packed with a ton of flavor. So where does that leave American Sun Grown? Well, this blend amps it up even more. While the strength won't surprise you, it's ripe with rich, full flavors that remind you how a Nicaraguan puro should taste. Notes of spice, leather, and earth run rampant on your palate, and linger there long enough to easily pair with your favorite scotch.

Churchill (7.0"x48)
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Corona (5.5"x42)
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Gordo (6.0"x60)
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Robusto (5.0"x50)
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Toro (6.0"x50)
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Torpedo (6.1"x52)
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