Alec Bradley 90+ Rated 2nds



Alec Bradley 90+ Rated Blends, Best Buy Around!

Now here's a deal you don't see often. As many of you already know, when manufacturers have cigars that have not passed their quality control tests, they get set aside for further evaluation. During this time, we send our experts to the factories to take a look at the "rejected" inventory and snatch up what we can. Usually, the inventory we get as "Seconds" are simply seconds due to some cosmetic blemishes on the wrapper, and that's about it. They are the exact same blends as the firsts, but offered at an incredibly low price comparatively.

We're proud to introduce our new shipment of seconds from Alec Bradley as these beauties are all from his 90+ rated inventory. In order to close this deal, we had to promise Alan Rubin we wouldn't advertise which 90 and 90+ rated blends are which, as these seconds come unbanded, but we're sure if you do a little investigative work, you'll be able to make ends meet. 

Petite Corona
Pack of 10In Stock$80.00
save $56.5071% off
Pack of 10In Stock$90.00
save $65.0072% off
Short Gordo
Pack of 10In Stock$90.00
save $65.0072% off
Short Robusto
Pack of 10In Stock$86.50
save $62.0072% off
Pack of 10In Stock$101.00
save $73.5073% off
Toro Gordo
Pack of 10Out Of Stock$120.00
save $90.5075% off
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