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Loud and clear...

ACID cigars offer a wide variety of options to choose from, so it comes with no surprise that Drew Estate would release a 10-cigar sampler featuring two of each of the five most popular ACID blends. Prepare your palate for an exciting culmination of flavorsome infused cigars, all of them disparate in their own eccentric way. An open-minded brand that prefers a discussion about the flavors of their cigars, Drew Estate welcomes your interpretation of these classic ACID creations. Experience them for yourself today!

ACID Roam: creamy taste with a hint of floral aroma

ACID Nasty: short pyramid shaped maduro; chocolatey

ACID ACID Liquid: robusto; fuller, rich taste

ACID Blondie: small powerhouse cigar; slightly sweet

ACID Nefasto: huge version of the Nasty

ACID Loud Sampler contains:
2 x ACID Roam (7.0"x48)
2 x ACID Nefasto (6.0"x52)
2 x ACID Blondie (4.0"x38)
2 x ACID Liquid (5.0"x50)
2 x ACID Nasty (4.0"x52)

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Acid Loud Sampler
10 Cigars
$76.00 | save $13.01 | 17% off
$76.00 | save $13.01 | 17% off
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