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If you're down with Drew Estate or an avid ACID aficionado, chances are you've already tried their top-selling KUBA KUBA. Topped by a toothy, thick Sumatra wrapper securing a slew of specially selected Nicaraguan long-leaf, it's always easy draw and slow, cool burn ensure a maximum level of taste intensity from the infused tobaccos. This super-popular premium produces an intoxicating aroma which will delight all inside the lounge. Heck, even those outside & downwind! Although mellow to medium in strength, its array of featured flavor nuances will keep you captivated from the very first puff. Smooth & satisfying, every KUBA KUBA smokes like it's a cigar creamsicles. Great for golf, a night-out bar-hopping, BBQs — whatever it is you choose to do — this winner's one to enjoy and share just about any time, anywhere. If you enjoy the pleasing smell & sweet essence of ACID, or simply seek something DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT, order yourself a pack of KUBA KUBA today! The Best-Selling ACID.

Kuba Kuba is the "El Presidente" of ACID, reigning as the brand's best-selling blend for well-over a decade with no signs of slowing down. Medium-bodied with an oily Sumatra wrapper, it is sweet, aromatic, and completely satisfying. If you like infused cigars, you'll LOVE Kuba Kuba.

When Jonathan Drew founded Drew Estate cigars, he knew that they weren't going to be your typical, traditional cigar brand. As Drew Estate continued to grow, the company creed (and self-fulfilled prophecy) -- the rebirth of cigars -- increasingly gained relevance. Drew Estate brought a new element to the cigar industry with their unique tobaccos and infusions that attracted new cigar enthusiasts to what was formerly considered a stodgy conservative hobby. And as Drew Estate keeps pushing the limits of the industry, they only further their reputation as one of the best cigar manufacturers in the business.

Before the colorful bands are applied, before the sweet-smelling stogies are carefully secured in the brand's trademark tobacco-lined boxes, and before the brand achieves its perennial 'top-seller' status, ACID's magic must be created & captured deep down in the core of each cigar. The recipe always starts with top-notch Nicaraguan long-leaf that's been extensively aged for smoothness and supreme smokability. These premium tobaccos are then gently infused with aromatic oils, boldly nuanced botanicals, and natural, food-grade flavorings. Once the desired level of 'enhancement' is reached, the tobaccos get sorted accordingly, bunched by blend, and then the eye-catching cigars are hand rolled by Drew Estate's skilled team of torcedors. This proprietary infusion process provides every line its own special profile and unique nuances, and while each option below has noticeable aromatic attributes separating itself from its siblings, they do share certain characteristics across the board. Expect any ACID cigar to burn slow and cool, staying silky smooth from the start, and a pronounced proficiency for producing plenty of crowd-pleasing clouds. Most ACID blends bear sweetened caps, and while the sweet sensation is quite significant at first, before long the sugarcane essence subsides into a subtle afterthought as the blend's complex array of flavors find their form before a long, lush finish. In the end, ACID cigars are for any enthusiast looking for something different, something decadent, something undeniably delicious. Drew Estate is truly making the cigars of tomorrow... today!

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ACID by Drew Estate Kuba Kuba (Robusto) (5.0"x54)
Pack of 10
$98.50 | save $19.00 | 19% off
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Only 4 Left
$98.50 | save $19.00 | 19% off

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