5 Vegas Series 'A' Apotheosis



'A' full-flavor maduro you can trust.

5 Vegas Series 'A' is the stronger, more full-flavored side of 5 Vegas. Expertly crafted in Honduras, Series 'A' packs a lot of flavor into an economically priced cigar.

5 Vegas Series 'A' brings a fuller bodied maduro to the brand that has become one of the most popular cigars on the market. The Costa Rican Maduro wrapper found on 5 Vegas 'A' has been compared to the dark medio tiempo wrapper found on the famous Partagas Black Label.

This robust cigar is big on flavor and light on the wallet making it perfect for the everyday smoker and novice alike. It provides the perfect balance between body and flavor and will smoke right down to the nub. The complexity of this medium to full-bodied blend comes from its three country filler, which has been aged for four years to give it a perfect balance. With a little more flavor then its original Red Label predecessor, this cigar delivers on the quality and value that smokers have come to expect from 5 Vegas.

5 Vegas Series 'A' Apotheosis (Gordo) (5.5"x55)
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