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A great gift for any 5 Vegas fan!

With this gift set, you get a well-rounded view of some excellent 5 Vegas products. Starting with a 4-pack of some ultra-popular, extremely delicious blends ranging from the mellow-bodied 5 Vegas Gold, to the heavier, medium to full-bodied Cask Strength Firkin. The best part? They are all huge, coming in a specially crafted 6" x 60 vitola. To round out the set a 5 Vegas Lighter and Cutter are included so you can ignite these gorgeous blends right out of the box!

5 Vegas Gift Set contains:
1 x 5 Vegas Cask-Strength Firkin (6.0”x60)
1 x 5 Vegas Classic The Judge (6.0”x60)
1 x 5 Vegas Gold Maduro Sesenta (6.0”x60)
1 x 5 Vegas Gold Bullion (6.0”x60)
1 x 5 Vegas V-Cutter
1 x 5 Vegas Quad Torch Lighter

5 Vegas Lighter + Cutter Gift Set
4 Cigars + Lighter + Cutter
$60.00 | save $20.01 | 33% off
$60.00 | save $20.01 | 33% off
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