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Variety is the spice of life, and the only thing better than a wide variety of cigars is receiving a free accessory with your purchase. So the concept here is simple: pick three packs of 5 from the options below and then choose a humidor, lighter, or cutter for free! Create over 200 combinations!

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Ave Maria Knights Templar (Toro) (6.0"x48) Pack of 5

Simply better.

Ave Maria is one of the most exceptional premiums we've seen come out of Nicaragua. This phenomenal blend is truly one of the finest made by cigar master AJ Fernandez. Coming packed in beautiful handmade wooden boxes of 20, this premium is masterfully balanced and can be enjoyed morning, noon, or night. Its hearty, well-aged fillers establish a steady, medium to full body profile and combine with the oily Habano wrapper to create a ton of classic, enjoyable flavors.

Ave Maria contains a massive amount of thick, Nicaraguan long leaves all masked by a premium, Ecuadorian-grown Habano wrapper, fermented to perfection. The result creates a bold burst of leather and wood with light spices that perfectly round out the finish. With an earthy aroma and some cedar notes on the finish, Ave Maria will certainly satisfy.


Camacho Connecticut Robusto (5.0"x50) Pack of 5

The soft side of a hard working brand.

With a name synonymous with potent, full-bodied cigars, usually when an enthusiast hears the name Camacho, they immediately think of a rich flavor profile and potent aroma only created by tobaccos grown at Ranchos Jamastran in Danli, Honduras. This region in Central America has ideal soil conditions, and a climate that rivals the coveted Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. Camacho’s Connecticut, however, is a slight departure from their stereotypical full-flavored blends and low and behold, this mellower cigar has become a best-seller.

Comprised of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos, the Connecticut-wrapped stogie hits you with some spice right up front, fitting of the Camacho name. But after the first quarter inch, the blend settles into a easy-going, smooth blend ripe with notes of sweet cream, vanilla, with hints of coffee and citrus. An amazing offering from Camp Camacho!


CAO Brazilia Gol! (Gordo) (5.0"x56) Pack of 5

CAO's best-selling blend...

Brazilia is the fuller-bodied side of CAO. Its dark and spicy wrapper makes it very flavorful with a long earthy finish.

CAO is the maker of some of the highest rated brands in the world. Previously best known for making pipes, the Nashville based company broke into the cigar industry with authority. The attention they have attracted has not just been from their first rate tobacco either, their concepts and cigar packaging are trendy, appealing to a new generation of cigar smokers. 

For years CAO dreamt of a cigar that uses premium Brazilian tobacco, but finding good Brazilian leaf at the end of the cigar boom was not an easy task. At the time Brazilian tobacco was not at the top of its game. However, CAO stumbled on a beautiful dark wrapper leaf from the coveted Bahia region and the rest is history. After its launch this cigar brought attention back to Brazilian tobacco and essentially was the rebirth of Brazilian cigars in the US cigar market, as other cigar makers flocked to South America in attempt to recreate CAO’s success. The rich Brazilian wrapper gives CAO Brazilia a full-bodied and full-flavored aroma that carries a long and spicy finish. It is a truly unforgettable cigar, and a powerhouse addition to the humidor.


Cohiba Red Dot Robusto (5.0"x49) Pack of 5

One of the best-selling and most famous brands in the world.

Cohiba is the best-known name in cigars. After Castro took control of Cuba, this brand was commissioned by the Dictator to make the finest Cuban cigars available. Over time the cigars became available to a wider audience, and are now considered the top cigar manufactured in Cuba today. The Cohiba name originated from an earlier Cuban dialect used by the Taino Indians of Hispaniola, and was used as the word for cigar. Today, Cohiba stands for quality and the finest tobaccos Cuba has to offer.

Cohiba Red Dot is the legal, Dominican version of Cohiba, and the only one made for the U.S. that can legally bear the trademark. Like its Cuban counterpart, Cohiba Red Dot uses only the finest tobaccos and the most qualified rollers. Finished with a West African Cameroon wrapper that gives this cigar a sweet and rich aroma that is medium to full-bodied, this stick is the product of five years of intensive research and blending efforts by General Cigar—makers of Punch, Partagas, and Hoyo de Monterrey.


Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Belicoso) (5.0"x56) Pack of 5

The original.

One of AJ Fernandez's most popular blends, Diesel exudes a ton of full flavors in a medium to full-bodied format, allowing for a stout, complex experience with perfect balance. Abdel "AJ" Fernandez is a Cuban-born cigar maker continuing three generations of tobacco mastery. After spending most of his life working with premium tobacco in Cuba, Abdel Fernandez moved to Nicaragua to begin producing his own cigars.

Diesel exudes a unique leathery and spicy flavor with a toasty core of espresso beans. The package has a classic, rustic look while the blend is perfectly balanced and will appeal to any aficionado who appreciates premium tobacco. Boasting fillers from Nicaragua's Jalapa, Condega, and Esteli regions, each and every leaf is aged for three years, then concealed with a dark and oily Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. This is one unique cigar you're sure to love.

If you're searching for a Diesel blend that packs a bit more of a punch, then pick up a box of Diesel Shorty Ltd. Edition. These special cigars were crafted by Hollywood reality TV star Shorty Rossi as his daily cigar. Shorty spent time with A.J. Fernandez to craft this special 4.5"x60 size that packs a full-bodied punch from start to finish.


H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez (Toro) (6.0"x54) Pack of 5

A Bold Co-Op between H. Upmann and AJ Fernandez.

With a history dating back over 170 years, H. Upmann has established itself as being one of the most storied brands in the industry. Its portfolio honors a deep Cuban heritage, and each cigar is produced using time-honored traditions that have made the H. Upmann brand appealing to enthusiasts throughout its storied past and in the present.

Collaborating with blend master AJ Fernandez, H. Upmann takes this premium to a whole new level, appealing to enthusiasts who are looking for a bolder blend with classic appeal. H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez is a medium to full-bodied cigar that features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper masking Criollo '91 and Piloto Cubano fillers. The flavor profile is sweet and balanced with notes of roasted nuts, spice, and cocoa—a cigar that will fit beautifully into H. Upmann’s already prestigious line of cigars. 


Java by Drew Estate Pigtail Robusto (5.0"x50) Pack of 5

Perhaps the most delicious cigar ever made.

Java is made using a unique infusion of cocoa and espresso bean aromas with a well balanced mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor is very subtle and well-rounded.

Drew Estate is certainly one of the most unique cigar makers, and Rocky Patel remains one of the top enforcers of quality control. Together, Drew Estate and Rocky Patel collaborated to create this superbly constructed and equally tasty blend. Their use of infusions and rare small batch productions enables them to make cigars unlike anyone else in the world. Drew Estate is best known for their ACID line, but have since created hundreds of blends that have a cult-like following. Rocky Patel is revered for his 90+ rated blends.

Coffee and cigars have been long time complements, but Java really puts a new twist on this taste with a medium-bodied blend that has strong espresso notes with hints of chocolate. While the cigar offers dominating flavors, it still maintains much of its premium tobacco qualities from its Nicaraguan fillers. The secret to this balance is the infusion process Drew Estate uses in making their cigars and the quality controls set in place by Rocky Patel. If you are a fan of cigars made by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel, Java is not to be missed.


La Gloria Serie R No. 5 (Robusto) (5.5"x54) Pack of 5

The original full-bodied, chunky powerhouse.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R was the first line extension of La Gloria Cubana, and is full-bodied with a rich, robust flavor. Made for the aficionados who enjoy full-bodied and full-flavored vintage cigars. To make these cigars, Dominican fillers are aged several years longer than the original blend. An oily, natural Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper completes the recipe in stunning style.

For those who enjoyed the original line, and are looking for something a bit stronger, this is the perfect cigar. Expels a spicy, full flavor from head to foot with a rich aftertaste that leaves sweet and savory undertones and a long, rewarding finish. La Gloria Cubana Serie R Natural is a favorite of enthusiasts everywhere because of its complexity and deep, rich flavor profile. 


Man O' War Ruination Robusto No. 2 (Gordo) (6.0"x60) Pack of 5

A full-bodied masterpiece from AJ Fernandez.

Man O’ War Ruination pushes the envelope for full-bodied blends by perfectly matching strength, flavor, and body for a complex, yet balanced experience.

Man O’ War was developed by Abdel "AJ" Fernandez, a Cuban-born cigar maker continuing three generations of tobacco mastery. After spending most of his life working with premium tobacco in Cuba, Abdel Fernandez moved to Nicaragua to begin producing his own cigars.

Man O’ War Ruination features a hearty concoction of Cuban-seed Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Furthermore, these tobaccos are mostly ligero leaves, which add a ton of spice to the blend allowing for a bold, robust experience. The wrapper is a thick and oily Ecuadorian Habano leaf, with a look and aroma not much unlike leather. This blend is incredibly rich with flavors ranging from earth and leather to hints of oak. Ruination is an excellent addition to the Man O’ War line, and a must try for all fans of full-bodied, perfectly balanced blends.


Punch Signature Robusto (5.0"x54) Pack of 5

The perfect mix of tradition and modern taste…

Punch Signature pays homage to the brand's heritage while presenting a bold, modern design. Punch Originated in 19th century Cuba and is one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. Known for strong, full-flavored blends, Punch has evolved with its Signature blend that truly showcases legendary blending.

The main feature is an exclusive and specially cultivated Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper that has never before been utilized in the industry. Grown in the Los Rios Provence of Ecuador between two volcanic mountains, it delivers an exceptional burn and tasting profile. Nicaraguan and Dominican long-fillers are at its core creating a full-bodied cigar that stays true to the Punch name. Topped off with a band that uses artwork from the 1800s and housed in sleek, modern boxes, Punch Signature pays homage to both the past and future.


Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 5

35 years in the making and it's just the beginning...

Ramon Bueso's story is a bit different from most cigar manufacturers. For starters, he's not Cuban. He's actually a Honduran native. His grandmother owned the first tobacco farm in Honduras, and it was there that Ramon got his start in 1977. Working from the ground up, Ramon has performed in (and perfected) every aspect of the cigar business. From growing to rolling to blending Ramon mastered his craft at the famed Villazon factory, and was an essential part in the factory's success. It is now, after nearly 35 years in the industry, that Ramon Bueso has finally stepped into the spotlight...and it's not a spotlight that will ever be relinquished.

From the very first puff, you know you're in for a special experience with The Project. This is a perfect blend for any enthusiast, it truly is. The blend releases a medium to full body with a rich flavor and satisfying aroma. It manages to maintain its balance and smoothness throughout as well, giving it a consistent character from head to foot. The fillers consist of a mixture of Nicaraguan and Honduran long leaves taken from three different primings for an unrivaled complexity. These tobaccos are then wrapped inside a Jamastran binder and finished off with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper; the flavorful cherry-on-top. The Project exudes deep flavors of espresso, which serves as a base for the myriad of flavors that complement it. Genesis The Project: a must-try for all.


Romeo y Julieta Reserve Churchill (7.0"x54) Pack of 5

Not your standard Romeo.

A mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf tobaccos make up the filler in Reserve.  These tobaccos are bound together with a high quality Nicaraguan binder leaf, which is then masked by a flawless and very oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.  Together, these tobaccos produce rich flavors that are robust and earthy – leaving a slight sweetness on the palate consisting of peppery undertones.  Well-blended using the best leaves available, Romeo y Julieta Reserve is an excellent choice after a hearty meal.


Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli (Robusto) (5.0"x52) Pack of 5

A Bolder Black Market.

It’s common to find Alec Bradley’s array of premium cigars in humidors across the country. All of them are made with top-shelf tobaccos and crafted to perfection. Among them is the original Alec Bradley Black Market. After its release, it quickly became a staple in the Alec Bradley portfolio, and a few years of waiting, a follow-up to the ‘90’ rated gem has hit the shelves.

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli is a full-bodied cigar comprised of a chestnut-colored Nicaraguan wrapper, brimming with fillers from the same country. This '93' Rated cigar is everything enthusiasts have come to expect from Alec Bradley with its premier craftsmanship and complex notes of pepper, leather, and cocoa. Without a doubt, this cigar stands shoulder to shoulder with the original Black Market. 


La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Duque (Robusto) (5.2"x56) Pack of 5

You'll LOVE this Dark, Delicious, '95' rated Masterpiece. 

Handcrafted under the supervision of Don Pepin Garcia in Nicaragua, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is an excellent cigar, blended to create a complex experience that completely satisfies your entire palate.

Mi Amor is an excellent addition to the La Aroma de Cuba line. The blend brings a full-flavored but medium-bodied Maduro to the mix and creates a hearty finish. Outside, you'll find a dark Cuban-seed San Andres Maduro wrapper that conceals a flavorful concoction of Nicaraguan long leaves from Nicaragua's top growing regions. As the blend burns, you'll find espresso and coffee-like flavors throughout, all masked by earthy undertones and notes of black pepper. With a smooth, creamy smoke and long-lasting finish, expect Mi Amor to increase in strength from head to foot while still producing a well-balanced finish that you'll want to experience again and again.



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