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  • Man O' War Side Projects

    Tina New, New, New
    Since I know this cigar is full-bodied with pepper and spice, I handed it over to my Italian sweetie since he’s fond of the occasional robust cigar. Some say food is the way to a man’s heart, but I’m going to have to disagree. This Pennsylvania Broadleaf masterpiece had him singing, “That’s Amore” after just a few puffs. It’s safe to say this one is a …
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  • CAO Flavours

    Tina Infused Cigars
    This cigar is the true definition of paradise: Bourbon vanilla, Hawaiian white honey, Virginian tobaccos. Not only does it taste like you're on a tropical vacation when you close your eyes and exhale, but it also gets the seal of approval from the nonsmokers around you (who usually give you the evil eye when you puff in their presence). …
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  • Rocky Patel Connecticut

    Tina Mellow Monsters
    We're in the final stretch of our frigid days in PA, and only a Guinness in one hand and a Rocky Patel Connecticut in the other will get me through. This smooth and crisp handmade was one of my first cigars, and remains one of my favorite go-to. If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing out! …
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  • CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon

    Tina Cuban-esque Coronas
    I snagged on of these from Tim's humidor a while back (sorry, Tim!), and have been loving them ever since. If you're looking for a ton of flavor without the kick, this is your cigar. Its nutty, earthy character adds a smooth complexity that can be enjoyed either in the morning or after dinner. …
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