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La Aurora

Alex Christmas Wish List
Super-premium all the way baby. La Aurora is one of the oldest brands in the Dominican and their Preferidos blends are some of the best to leave the country. They’re handmade by La Aurora’s best rollers, in a separate room, heck, a separate building for that matter, making Preferidos La Aurora’s finest gem. If you hand this cigar to someone and they don’t like it, tell them to call me... I’ll set them straight.
Super-premium all the way baby. La Aurora is one of the oldest brands in the Dominican and their Preferidos blends are some of the best to leave the country. They’re handmade by La Aurora’s best rollers, in a separate room, heck, a separate building for that matter, making Preferidos La Aurora’s finest gem. If you hand this cigar to someone and they don’t like it, tell them to call me... I’ll set them straight.
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Dunhill Heritage

Alex Expert Picks: Santa's List Expert Pick
Known for mellower blends, Dunhill switches gears and pays tribute to Cuban heritage with this release. More full-bodied, this blend features an Ecuadorian Habano ligero wrapper, a Nicaraguan Jalapa binder, and a mix of long-fillers from Ometepe and Estelí, Nicaragua and the Jamastran Valley in Honduras. This potent new Dunhill is up my alley with plenty of spice and pepper.…
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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro

Alex Expert Picks: San Andres Selection Expert Pick
Alec Bradley’s masterpiece blend is graced with a limited production Mexican wrapper to create a blend that delivers a complex onslaught of flavor from first light to finish. Everything from the top-notch construction, oily wrapper, and even burn, make this one a go-to full-bodied maduro for myself and so many others.…
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Gurkha Symphony

Alex Connecticut Elegance Expert Pick
I have to say, this blend caught me totally off-guard. Symphony is an extraordinary Connecticut. On first light, notes of white pepper are dominant which transitions into cedar and cream. The real complexity is on the finish where I pick up dark chocolate and roasted nuts. This is by far my favorite Gurkha blend, and I think you will agree. …
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Rocky Patel The Edge Corojo

Alex Expert Picks: Maduro Mayhem Expert Pick
The Edge came out in 2004, and was hot right out of the gates earning “Best Buy” honors from Cigar Aficionado.  Over ten years later, and I am still lighting them up on a regular basis. The maduro variety is my go-to featuring an extra-dark Honduran maduro wrapper. It’s rich, strong, and maintains a perfect balance down to the nub.…
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Oliva Serie 'V'

Alex All Summer Long Expert Pick
If you are like me, you seem to have a new favorite cigar every month.  No matter my favorite at the time, I do tend to have that mainstay list of five or so brands that I just find myself always reaching for.  This month, I am deviating away from my “flavor of the week” picks to a mainstay in my rotation and a long time favorite, Oliva Serie V.  This cigar debuted in …
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Gurkha Hudson Bay

Alex Great Everyday Option
Maybe it’s just me but I’m really into this packaging. The crisp, clean design and the elegant logo caught my eye right away amongst a sea of new products in our conference room. But great packaging usually doesn’t translate into a good cigar. The blend is combination of hand-selected Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long-fillers. It’s then finished with a San Andres wrapper that is …
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La Gloria Cubana Serie R

Alex Savory Sumatrans Expert Pick
In this industry, so often it is all about the next best thing. On the contrary, I enjoy classic blends that have stood the test of time, and few have maintained a loyal following quite like Serie R. This Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapped beauty from La Gloria Cubana is bold and rich, yet refined and smooth. It’s time to take a much closer look at Serie R. …
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Oliva Serie 'O'

Alex Must Have Habanos Expert Pick
The flagship blend from one of the most renowned families in the cigar business, this Nicaraguan puro exhibits top-notch construction with a Cuban-esque flavor profile of spice and rich cedar. Its oily habano wrapper is always impressive and meshes perfectly with a hearty blend of fillers grown in Esteli, Condega, and the Jalapa Valley. …
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Diesel Wicked

Alex All I Want For Christmas Expert Pick
Diesel Wicked is my favorite Diesel blend of all-time. The only problem was that this limited release was snapped up quick by any enthusiast with a pulse. Well, it’s back for a second run and I’m not missing my chance to stock up. The ligero-laced gem is bursting with flavor and is the perfect late night treat. …
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Cohiba Black

Alex Broadleaf Beauties
There are a lot of great Broadleaf-wrapped cigars out there but how can I resist a Cohiba? The storied Cuban brand is a full-blown legend and Cohiba Black proves it. Comprised of luscious, well-aged tobaccos, Cohiba Black is finished with a dark Connecticut Broadleaf that is ripe with notes of dark, chocolate, espresso, and cashews.…
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Brick House Maduro

Alex Summer Slow Burners Expert Pick
It’s no coincidence Brick House has been rated Cigar Aficionado’s Best Bargain 5 years running. The Mighty Mighty Maduro is heavy in hand containing bold Nicaraguan long leaves inside a Nicaraguan binder. The star of the show is the Brazilian wrapper offering up chocolaty sweetness that pairs well with the spicy Nicaraguan leaves. If you’re like me, you’ll be coming back …
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Alex Father & Son Duos Expert Pick
Why He Likes It: What more is there to say about Padron? The Nicaraguan puros have been immensely popular, and the brand churns our delicious cigars at an alarmingly consistent rate. This ‘90’ rated beauty is no exception. Loaded with toasty notes of coffee, cedar, and hints of caramel, this is the perfect Father’s Day blend. …
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Macanudo Cafe Cigars

Alex Smooth & Mellow Expert Pick
We all know that a mellow-bodied cigar isn’t normally my thing, yet, I still find myself coming back to a Macanudo Hyde Park. The ultra-smooth blend is perfect for any occasion. The smooth Dominican blend is a classic and loaded with notes of almonds, cedar, and vanilla. You can see why this is the best-selling cigar in the world……
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Montecristo Media Noche

Alex Full-Bodied Fanatics Expert Pick
With so many exciting boutique blends on the market, Montecristo can often get overlooked. The brand is a classic that can never be replaced and blends like Media Noche prove that. Comprised of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Peruvian tobaccos, Media Noche delivers notes of cedar and cashews with a rich espresso finish. A truly balanced blend. …
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Rocky Patel The Edge Habano

Alex Taste Of Cuba Expert Pick
This is the cigar world’s meat and potatoes. A robust, full-bodied blend offering plenty of spice and dark espresso notes while remaining smooth and satisfying throughout. The Edge has stood the test of time and remains one of the country’s top sellers due to the consistency within its construction and rich, hearty flavors.r…
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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos Retro Especiale

Alex New Age Connecticuts
Easily one of the strongest Connecticut cigars on the market and also one of the creamiest blends I've ever encountered. I like when cigars change in flavor and this blend hits the spot. Complex with bold flavors transitioning from inch to inch, its aroma and flavor are both thoroughly delicious. …
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Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project

Alex Mouthwatering Maduros
I met Ramón Bueso a few years back and was thoroughly impressed with his achievements at that time. So in 2012, when Ramón finally released his own maduro blend, I was stoked. I’m more of a Habano guy, but the well-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper caught my eye and its rich flavor put the nail in the coffin; my favorite maduro. …
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AVO Classic

Alex Can't Go Wrong
I’m a premium cigar guru. I don’t usually enjoy "run of the mill" cigars. I love blends that hail from boutique cigar factories and I don’t focus on price. That said, AVO hails from the Davidoff factory and is simply one of the best tasting, Connecticut-wrapped cigars I’ve ever had. It offers full flavors but remains incredibly smooth. Truly perfect for anyone, …
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Diesel Wicked

Alex Favorable Figurados
My favorite figurado? My top 10 list constantly changes on a regular basis so I couldn’t help but recommend the new Diesel Wicked. Expect a fantastic, complex array of bold, deep flavors throughout. Laced with ligeros, you’ll find strong notes of pepper and spice with some relief from the blend’s Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. …
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Erin Go Bragh

Alex Infused Cigars
I won't sugarcoat it; I love whiskey. I also love cigars. Combine the two and in my mind, you have the perfect storm in blending. However, Erin Go Bragh offers only a subtle note of whiskey with sweetness throughout and a light tobacco finish. This is a good starting point for those looking to get into the infused lane. Perfectly balanced. …
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Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Alex Rich Robustos
I don't burn many of Rocky Patel's cigars. There's so much out there right now it's hard to keep to my original staples. I loved the Vintage blends so I must say, RP 15th met my expectations. The richness and complex flavors are bold and exciting. Definitely rolled for the experienced. …
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Mark Twain

Alex Mellow Monsters
Value, value, value. Connecticut wrapper leaf isn't cheap and finding a great value can prove quite difficult. Mark Twain caught my attention due to its delicious appearance and its economy-balanced price point. As soon as I fired one up I found an awarding, premium experience for a fantastic value. I've lit up more expensive cigars that haven't treated me this well. …
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Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

Alex Cuban-Esque Coronas
America, F-Yeah! Besides the fact that I love the name, I set my sights on Alec Bradley American Classic due to its unbelieveable price. I've finally found a corona focused around value. Top-notch, premium Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the filler and binder while a Connecticut leaf masks the ourside - all under $5. Insert '90' rating here. …
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El Triunfador

Alex Smooth Summer Stogies
El Triunfador caught my palate, amazingly enough, due to its natural sweet character. The stick looks amazing; oily, toothy, nearly seamlessly wrapped...just begs you to light it up. Once you do, you're met with a mellow to medium body that brings an earthy core of premium tobacco flavors to your palate. On the finish, Triunfador's naturally sweet nuance brings a smile to your face as you realize …
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Father's Day Favorites

Alex Father's Day Favorites
Ernesto Perez Carrillo is the man responsible for the famous La Gloria Cubana brand and now he's released another winning blend —one so good he put his own name on it. I really enjoy this cigar because it employs vintage Nicaraguan and Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos with a 3-year-aged Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It's zesty, yet creamy. It's robust, yet smooth. It's both hearty and soothing …
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Cain 'F' Nub by Oliva

Alex Rothschild Extras
I'm a big fan of corona-sized, full-bodied cigars. I find the small ring-gauge produces a heartier flavor and a stronger body than what you would find in a bigger gauge of the same blend. While Cain 'F' Nub doesn't have a small ring gauge, it's so well blended that is creates the same sensation, flavor and character I get from my corona-sized, full-bodied sticks. Bold, powerful while elegant and …
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Alec Bradley Tempus

Alex Maduros
I love the feel of this cigar, the box-pressed shape lends to a perfect draw of heavy, sweet smoke. Alec Bradley is one of the most underrated brands out there with production at the world's top factories. The new Tempus Maduro has become a staple for me. I find this cigar pairs very well at the beginning of a heavy meal with a medium-bodied red wine. …
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Test of Time

Alex Test of Time
With over a century of exposure, 5 Vegas Classic still remains a staple in my wheelhouse. The blend carries a '90' rating so how could you complain? With an exceptional earthy flavor masked by many hints of pepper and spices, this is a great morning blend for all you full-bodied fans. I enjoy 5 Vegas Classic as it's well-constructed, carries a heavy ash and pleasantly shocks my palate. …
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