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  • E.P. Carrillo New Wave

    Josh New Age Connecticuts
    I'm a medium to full-bodied Habano/maduro guy. When I reach for a Connecticut blend, I find myself leaning towards E.P. Carrillo's New Wave. It's not overly strong, but offers a full-flavor profile while its chestnut brown Connecticut wrapper is quite rich and enchanting. A thoroughly satisfying morning blend! …
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  • Cohiba Red Dot

    Josh Can't Go Wrong
    I’m not a huge Cohiba fan and I typically dislike Cameroon wrapper, but this is one Cameroon-wrapped cigar I actually enjoy. It’s bold and slightly spicy but well-balanced and incredibly smooth. And if my discerning palate likes it, then that means you might just like it as well. Medium to full-bodied but with a mellow character. Very good. …
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  • Don Sixto by Nestor Plasencia

    Josh New, New, New
    I’ve always enjoyed Nestor Plasencia’s cigars. The guy knows how to grow tobacco, what can I say? But his Don Sixto blend is more than just another well-made premium. Thick plumes of creamy smoke waft from the Connecticut wrapper as cedar, nuts, and earth overwhelm your senses. The kicker? A Nicaraguan Habano binder that amps up the strength! …
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  • ACID Ltd. by Drew Estate Opulence 3

    Josh Infused Cigars
    I'm not a big fan of "infused" cigars but when Jonathan Drew first handed me a box of Opulence 3 down in Nicaragua, two days later I found myself with 6 sticks left. I was shocked with the blend's fantastic balance between natural tobacco flavors and sweetness. It also contains tobaccos cultivated in 2005, 2006 and 2007. …
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  • Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    Josh Mellow Monsters
    Connecticut wrappers are delicate leaves. If not properly applied, they'll easily burn uneven or split due to improper humidity. You won't find these problems with Oliva-made cigars, especially Connecticut Reserve. Construction is key. You'll get all those earthy, subtle flavors you love but you're guaranteed a proper burn and draw. 'Nuff said. …
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  • San Cristobal

    Josh Cuban-esque Coronas
    I love maduros and I'm a big fan of Don Pepin Garcia. In fact, the Don gave me a personal cigar rolling lesson once. Anyway, put the two together, add in a sprinkling of the Ashton brand and you walk away with a stunning premium that's worth the extra coin. All-Nicaraguan, all-maduro, full-bodied, complex, super smooth, and rated '93.' …
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  • Gurkha Beauty

    Josh Smooth Summer Stogies
    This one's a monster that takes at least an hour to properly enjoy so be sure to carve out some time before lighting up this Beauty. I love medium to full-bodied cigars but Beauty is a fantastic departure. Its wrapper comes aged seven years and its filler no less than five. This means you get a full-flavored but super smooth experience. The massive 58 gauge keeps a cool, even burn and releases …
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  • La Gloria Cubana Serie N

    Josh Father's Day Favorites
     I'm a huge maduro fan so when I heard LGC was working on a special cigar featuring a limited Oscuro wrapper, I could barely contain my excitement. My new favorite maduro, this stick is gorgeous. The wrapper looks so oily and rich your mouth will instantly water. The smoke? So thick you can basically chew it. A full-bodied core of rich tobacco will overwhelm your senses with only a hint of …
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  • Cuba Libre

    Josh Rothschild Extras
    Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaf tobacco – that's all I need to say. This stick comes packed to the brim with full-flavored goodness while the 60-ring gauge produces ample flavor and allows for an effortless draw. If you're like me and enjoy thick, creamy smoke with tons of peppery aromas, you'll love Cuba Libre. Don't be afraid of it: you'll find a smooth, enjoyable finish from …
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  • Punch Deluxe

    Josh Maduros
    I'm a big fan of consistency. There is nothing worse than finding that special cigar you thoroughly enjoy, only to realize that every time you stock up, you're met with a different flavor. For this reason, Punch Deluxe Maduro is one of my top 5 favorite maduros. I first tried this blend over four years ago and it still tastes the same today – no matter where I find them. Medium-bodied, …
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