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Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Alex Rich Robustos
I don't burn many of Rocky Patel's cigars. There's so much out there right now it's hard to keep to my original staples. I loved the Vintage blends so I must say, RP 15th met my expectations. The richness and complex flavors are bold and exciting. Definitely rolled for the experienced. …
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Mark Twain

Alex Mellow Monsters
Value, value, value. Connecticut wrapper leaf isn't cheap and finding a great value can prove quite difficult. Mark Twain caught my attention due to its delicious appearance and its economy-balanced price point. As soon as I fired one up I found an awarding, premium experience for a fantastic value. I've lit up more expensive cigars that haven't treated me this well. …
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Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

Alex Cuban-Esque Coronas
America, F-Yeah! Besides the fact that I love the name, I set my sights on Alec Bradley American Classic due to its unbelieveable price. I've finally found a corona focused around value. Top-notch, premium Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the filler and binder while a Connecticut leaf masks the ourside - all under $5. Insert '90' rating here. …
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La Aurora

Alex Christmas Wish List
Super-premium all the way baby. La Aurora is one of the oldest brands in the Dominican and their Preferidos blends are some of the best to leave the country. They’re handmade by La Aurora’s best rollers, in a separate room, heck, a separate building for that matter, making Preferidos La Aurora’s finest gem. If you hand this cigar to someone and they don’t like it, tell …
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El Triunfador

Alex Smooth Summer Stogies
El Triunfador caught my palate, amazingly enough, due to its natural sweet character. The stick looks amazing; oily, toothy, nearly seamlessly wrapped...just begs you to light it up. Once you do, you're met with a mellow to medium body that brings an earthy core of premium tobacco flavors to your palate. On the finish, Triunfador's naturally sweet nuance brings a smile to your face as you realize …
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Cain 'F' Nub by Oliva

Alex Rothschild Extras
I'm a big fan of corona-sized, full-bodied cigars. I find the small ring-gauge produces a heartier flavor and a stronger body than what you would find in a bigger gauge of the same blend. While Cain 'F' Nub doesn't have a small ring gauge, it's so well blended that is creates the same sensation, flavor and character I get from my corona-sized, full-bodied sticks. Bold, powerful while elegant and …
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Alec Bradley Tempus

Alex Maduros
I love the feel of this cigar, the box-pressed shape lends to a perfect draw of heavy, sweet smoke. Alec Bradley is one of the most underrated brands out there with production at the world's top factories. The new Tempus Maduro has become a staple for me. I find this cigar pairs very well at the beginning of a heavy meal with a medium-bodied red wine. …
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