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Get 15 Graycliff Turbo Edición Limitada PG (6.0”x50) for only $59.99 through April 21st!

Graycliff sets the standard when it comes to cigar luxury. Their high-end, small batch lines have been the benchmark for collector’s seeking superbly crafted and ultra-complex blends. Their Turbo Edición Limitada is a flavorful handmade suitable for everyday enjoyment that undergoes the same quality control as their super-premium portfolio.

This blend was Graycliff’s first to utilize the renowned Ecuador Habano wrapper with a well-aged blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran long-leaves below. Full-bodied and abundantly rich, each Graycliff Turbo Edición Limitada is aged after rolling, bringing to the palate a complex bouquet of leather, spice, and oak before a long finish marked by a natural sweetness.

Graycliff Turbo Edicion Limitada

Graycliff Turbo Edicion Limitada

Graycliff Turbo Edicion Limitada PG (Toro) (6.0"x50)
Pack of 15
$270.00 | save $210.01 | 78% off
$270.00 | save $210.01 | 78% off
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