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Expert Tip: Pipe Tobacco for the Cigar Enthusiast


By: John Moralis

With the resurgence of pipes and pipe tobacco, cigar enthusiasts may be looking to broaden their horizons and delve into new experiences, but not veer too far from familiar territory. Like cigars, different pipe tobacco blends will lend themselves to different experiences in flavor and body. The key to finding something you like lies in selecting pipe blends that have similarities in terms of flavor and strength to the cigars you already enjoy.

If you’re curious about trying pipe tobacco, and don’t want to spend a fortune on a pipe, you may want to drop a few dollars on a corncob pipe. If that’s a bit rustic for your taste, an inexpensive briar pipe could be more your speed. Your first step in finding tobacco that you’ll enjoy lies in finding a blend with qualities that are close to your favorite cigar, meaning you’ll want something with similar body and a rich mouth-feel.

Dark Burley Blends

Stepping outside of the box can be daunting, so dark burley blends are a way of helping you test the waters. This type of blend is bold with earthy and chocolaty flavors that cigar enthusiasts are accustomed to. Lane Classics like Limited Ready Rubbed and Half and Half are classic examples of pipe tobacco blends that would translate well to a cigar enthusiast’s palate.  

Virginia and Virginia Perique Blends

If you enjoy more mellow cigars, a Virginia blend’s lighter body will be most appealing. Virginias are creamy and sweet, attributes that will appeal to palates that lean toward Connecticut cigars. Orlik Golden Sliced, Dunhill Flake, and Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture are perfect examples of blends that are rich and smooth, much like a traditional Connecticut.

Latakia Blends

In the same realm as dark burley blends, Latakias are close to cigars in the sense that they are smoky, fragrant, and full-flavored. These blends are perfect for those who enjoy a stronger cigar with a full body. Dunhill Mixture 965 is a great example of a classic Latakia blend, as are Lane’s BS-005 and Hearth & Home’s Marquee Black House.  


For enthusiasts who prefer flavored cigars, or are more adventurous in discovering new flavor profiles, aromatics may be the way to go. They tend to be sweeter in smell and in taste, and can be flavored with things like vanilla, cherry, and rum. Captain Black Cherry, Lane Burley and Black, and Mac Baren Plumcake are all fine choices for those looking to venture outside of their comfort zones.

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