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Davidoff Luxury Pipe Tobacco Sampler


Top-tiered Davidoff pipe tobaccos.

Whether its cologne, cigars, or retail stores, the Davidoff brand has built a reputation on making some of the finest products on earth. So, naturally, when you see the Davidoff name on a tin of pipe tobacco, you know what's in store. So this aptly named Luxury Pipe Tobacco Sampler delivers everything that Davidoff stands for. Containing five different 1.76oz tins, this luxury collection is more of a traditional, English style of pipe tobacco and is built for more seasoned enthusiasts yet are refined enough for any palate...

Davidoff Luxury Pipe Tobacco Sampler contains:
Davidoff Danish Mixture
Davidoff English Mixture
Davidoff Scottish Mixture
Davidoff Flake Medallions
Davidoff Royalty 

Davidoff Luxury Pipe Tobacco Sampler
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FIVE 1.76OZ TINS In Stock $64.30 $44.99