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CAO Flavours Sampler Box


Treat your palate to a refreshing array of flavors.

Have a taste of what CAO Flavours has to offer with six different blends in the Petit Corona size. Each cigar is crafted from high-quality long-filler tobaccos and deliciously flavored for unique a experience.

CAO Flavours Sampler Box contains: 
1 x Bella Vanilla Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
1 x Cherrybomb Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
1 x Earth Nectar Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
1 x Eileen's Dream Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
1 x Honey Gold Petit Corona (4.0"x38)
1 x Moontrance Petit Corona (4.0"x38)

CAO Flavours Sampler (4.0"x38) Mild
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