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Salomon Cigars

If there is one thing I can generalize about cigar enthusiasts, we all disagree endlessly on everything... from our favorite sizes and blends to our favorite makers... because flavors are subjective. That being said, there is one size every aficionado pines for, the salomon. Dating the history on this unique size is nearly impossible but one thing is for sure, this special size made a big comeback in recent years and typically remains reserved for limited edition blends from the most renowned cigar makers.

What It Is: The length tends to vary but all salomons have one unifying quality, a large bulbous foot with a dramatic taper from the foot up to either a pointed or rounded head. The most common length is 7 inches but some petit salomons are found measuring as short as four and half inches. A member of the figurado family, salomons often get lumped into the sub-category of perfecto, mainly since they are found in shorter lengths.

Why It’s Special: Only the highest grade rollers have the skillful hands necessary to roll this odd, yet difficult shape. In order to properly assemble a salomon, torcedors must frequently change the angles of their roll since this unique shape actually combines the elements of a parejo, torpedo and perfecto, which is an incredibly difficult task. The filler tobaccos must also be packed in different varying densities from head to foot to allow for a proper burn and draw. Due to this shape’s lengthy production time, torcedors can only roll a limited number of cigars per day, producing 30% less than if they were to roll a common shape such as robusto. These factors contribute to the hefty price of a salomon cigar, in addition to the high costs paid to the master torcedors who roll them.

Why You Want It: Other than its limited availability and reservation for special blends, this unique shape is easy to light. As the cigar burns over a continuously changing ring gauge, many subtleties and complexities present themselves. This vitola can change even the most one-dimensional blend into a dynamic cigar with many competing aromas.
Published Monday, May 24, 2010 11:37 AM by Joshua Smelko



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