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La Rica Hoja c.1930



"The Rich Leaf."

La Rica Hoja (The Rich Leaf) was founded in 1925 by Don Ernesto Gonzalez Perez and was later passed down to his son, master blender, Don Ernesto Gonzalez. The Gonzalez family owned a tobacco plantation on the island of La Palma, one of the seven Canary Islands. With the help of his son-in-law Don Miquel Perez Hernandez, a Cuban exile whose family owned a plantation and cigar factory in Cuba, the La Rica Hoja brand became well-respected within Spain, Germany, and France for their quality cigars.

This extremely rare, box-pressed (5.0”x48) cigar is wrapped in metal foil and paper, and is a very well-preserved specimen of a vintage cigar from San Andres, Mexico. Few cigars from Mexico were available in this era in the United States compared to the tobaccos from other countries, such as Cuba, and only a few survived. The mild character we experienced was greatly expected in this cigar since it is well over half a century old. Delicate notes of nuts and wood were detected, and an enjoyable complexity of light tobacco flavors continued to build throughout.

Glorias (Perfecto) (5.0"x48) Mild-Medium
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