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San Bajito



Created by reality TV star Shorty Rossi.

Shorty Rossi looms large in the cigar world with his first independent release, San Bajito.

Shorty has always been fond of a fine premium cigar. In fact, if you watch "Pit Boss" on Animal Planet, you'll find Shorty enjoying cigar after cigar in nearly every episode! Much like everything else Shorty is involved with, his cigars have been a huge success and has now spawned multiple releases. On top of being great blends, a portion of the proceeds from each Shorty branded purchase are donated to Shorty's Charities...that's the Shorty Rossi way.

Blended entirely by Shorty Rossi, San Bajito encompasses Shorty's favorite full-flavored, bold, and robust flavor profile all wrapped in a medium-bodied format. Made with 100% Cuban-seed long leaf tobaccos masked with a sultry, Jalapa-grown Habano wrapper, San Bajito presents an epic array of complex flavors from head to foot with notes of earthy spices and a toasty finish. Never leaving the realm of medium-bodied, San Bajito was made for the everyday enthusiast…perfect morning, noon, or night.

Belicoso (4.5"x60) Medium
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Robusto (4.5"x60) Medium
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