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Perdomo Fresh-Rolled Cuban Wheels



Even at double the price, these are worth while.

If you enjoy medium-bodied blends at less than $2.50 a stick then you should seriously consider picking up a wheel of these fresh-rolled cigars from Perdomo.

Nick Perdomo focuses most of his attention on quality control and we always look forward to new releases as Nick has yet to produce a blend that isn't noteworthy. This is due to his uncanny ability to blend cigars using premium, aged tobaccos without any focus on time—when he is satisfied with the blend, it is complete. He has been known to bring production of a blend to a halt based on a negative review or a change in the filler composition to ensure the quality and flavor of his cigars remain consistent. Thus, enter Perdomo Fresh-Rolled wheels.

First of all, these sticks are not "seconds" or "segundos." These are made using 100% Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos as filler, binder and wrapper so they are considered some of the finest puros Nick produces. The tobaccos utilized are properly aged before rolling so these sticks are rolled and then shipped immediately and receive no further aging once complete - hence the term "fresh-rolled." With a toothy Habano Rosado wrapper, expect thick, chewy flavors with heavy smoke and enjoyable notes of sweet nuances that create a phenomenal balance with a long finish. To put it simply, these are great smokes at a great price!

550 (Robusto) (5.0"x50) Medium
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WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $140.00 $119.99
650 (Toro) (6.0"x50) Medium
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WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $150.00 $129.99
652 (Torpedo) (6.5"x52) Medium
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WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $160.00 $139.99
750 (Double Corona) (7.0"x50) Medium
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WHEEL OF 40 In Stock $160.00 $139.99