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Man O' War Puro Authentico



AJ's personal, everyday blend.

One of the most unique blends we carry, Puro Authenticos are full-bodied, premium sticks made by AJ Fernandez's very best torcedores. These are AJ's personal, everyday cigars. And now they're available in maduro.

The story behind Man O' War Puro Authentico is rather unique. We've visited AJ's factory many times and every time we've seen AJ smoking a corona-sized Habano-wrapped cigar with a shaggy foot. He's never told us the blend or what it was for. After constant questioning (he made the mistake of letting us try a few) he finally broke down and admitted he has his own special cigar made in a 5"x42 corona as his everyday personal smoke. Eventually, we convinced him to let us offer these to the faithful and thus, Man O' War Puro Authentico was born.

These spicy firecrackers are the same cigars AJ enjoys on a day to day basis and come unfinished with a shaggy foot. They contain a special blend of rich Nicaraguan long leaves that's topped with either an Esteli Habano or maduro wrapper. Easily full-bodied, Puro Authentico are truly superb. Pick up a box of 10 today and experience the same exact cigar AJ created as his everyday "go-to" blend.

Corona (5.0"x42) Full
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SINGLE In Stock $7.50
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Corona Maduro (5.0"x42) Full
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SINGLE In Stock $7.50
5-PACK In Stock $34.00
BOX OF 10 In Stock $75.00 $59.99