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Macanudo Robust



A perfect balance between strength and flavor.

Boasting a rich flavor and medium body, the Macanudo Robust is perfect for those Macanudo lovers who want a little bit more bite in their cigars.

Macanudo is the top-selling brand in America, well known amongst cigar aficionados as one of the most consistent brands made today. The Macanudo Robust is one of the newer line extensions that expanded into the cigar market to appeal to enthusiasts that want a little bit more flavor and body. As the name suggests, this more robust Macanudo is medium-bodied with a rich, full flavor.

The most recent version of this blend debuted in 2003, and is set apart from its natural or café counterpart by its piloto cubano (Cuban-seed) binder grown in the Connecticut River Valley, lending to its fuller flavor. The cigar is then finished with a darker natural wrapper that gets its color from additional aging and maturation. Macanudo Robust is the same great Macanudo in terms of consistency, but with more flavor. Don’t miss your chance to try the stronger side of Macanudo.

Ascots (Cigarillos) (4.2"x32) Medium
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Hampton Court (Corona) (5.8"x43) Medium
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Hyde Park (Robusto) (5.5"x49) Medium
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