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La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Tabaqueros



The best of both worlds!

One of the most unique and limited La Gloria Cubana cigars ever produced, Artesanos de Tabaqueros showcases two distinct wrappers—a Connecticut-shade and an Ecuadorian Sumatra—to create one complex, medium to full-bodied blend.

La Gloria Cubana became one of the most popular brands ever created during the cigar boom of 1990s. This brand is constantly sought after for its expert craftsmanship and consistent flavor. Originally created by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo in Cuba, the brand is enjoyed by new enthusiasts and experienced aficionados alike, as it offers a cigar for all palates.

Artesanos de Tabaqueros comes packaged in elegant boxes of 25, and features a flavorful concoction of Honduran and Dominican long leaves for filler. These filler tobaccos are aged for 5 years prior to being rolled, creating an excellently smooth and well-rounded character. With a creamy start, Tabaqueros transitions from medium to full as the blend burns, creating a ton of complex flavors due to its dual wrappers. Once you burn past the smooth and silky Connecticut leaf, you'll find yourself puffing on a fuller flavored and fuller bodied blend with many competing spicy nuances. A hint of sweetness and cedar exists on the finish, while the aroma is decidedly enjoyable.

Rothschild Maduro (Robusto) (4.5"x50) Medium-Full
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