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Rocky Patel Signature Series



A high quality, mild-bodied Connecticut from Rocky Patel. 

Rocky Patel's answer to other super-premium Connecticuts like Davidoff or Ashton, Signature Series is limited based on the amount of A1 Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper available for harvest each year. Rocky Patel built his brands around quality and never rushes production, which is why these cigars are only sold to a select group of merchants across the globe.

Rocky Patel Signature Series is an excellent choice for the mild to medium-bodied smoker. Rocky is a man dedicated to quality. He puts all of his cigars through rigorous tests to ensure each stick burns properly, has a perfect draw, and tastes exactly the same. Due to his dedication to quality assurance, Rocky has earned countless awards and is considered one of the top cigar manufacturers in the business.

Signature Series is simply an excellent cigar. Its mix of Central American fillers produces a rich flavor that is complex, releasing an exuberant amount of different aromas and flavors that taste of toasted cedar mixed with cashews and almonds. I found the smoke is very smooth, with a buttery and creamy texture that is extremely pleasant with an almost perfect finish, not too strong, while leaving a toasty after taste in the back of the palate. Rocky Patel Signature Series is considered medium-bodied, rich, and will fail to disappoint any enthusiast. Try one, you'll love it!

Toro (6.0"x52) Mild-Medium
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