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Tres Reynas



Beautiful, flavorful, and consistent—that’s Tres Reynas.

The cigar queens of the industry came together to produce this premium Tres Reynas cigar...a beauty from the top three cigar women in the business. When people talk about the biggest families in the cigar industry, most will have the Quesadas and the Garcias at the top of their lists. Between the two families, you have monster brands like: Casa Magna, My Father, Tatuaje, and Fonseca. So it's only natural the two get together for a brand that fuses the best of both worlds. And for this task, the ladies from Quesada (Raquel & Patricia) teamed up with Janny Garcia to create Tres Reynas (Three Queens).

Produced at the My Father factory in Nicaragua, this limited edition release could only come from the collaboration of two top manufacturers. Comprised of top-notch Nicaraguan long-fillers, this exquisite blend is finished off with an oily and rich Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. The flavors emitted onto your palate are bold and rich while notes of cocoa and pepper make way for a slightly sweet finish. Anyway you cut it, this limited release line is one you definitely have to get your hands on.

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Gordo (6.0"x60) Medium
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